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    Friday, May 3rd, 2013
    12:09 pm
    Anal Cunt (Seth Putnam+Anal Nosorog) Live At Moscow 01.07.2006

    Anal Cunt (Seth Putnam+Anal Nosorog) Live At Moscow 01.07.2006
    После 3 часового разогрева из всяких гавногрупп, наконец то вышли они.
    Шоу было прекращено из-за администрации клуба (они видимо обгадились не ожидав такого) через 20 минут.

    Thursday, March 28th, 2013
    12:53 am
    Any Metalheads out there?
    Hello, im a 20yr old Metalhead from Canada! Looking for fellow Metalchicks out there. Just go on my page and read my bio if you want details for what metal im into! You can also add me on facebook, I go by the name of Dillon Thrashforever Devine. Hope to hear from you! \m/ (>.<) \m/

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    Saturday, July 21st, 2012
    10:34 am
    Hmm... Im Wondering What I'm Doing Here...Anyways I Live In Scotland And I'm A Metalhead(duh!) Girl And I'm 17 But I Can't Find Anyone Who Is Like Me (probably Because I'm Shy..) Just Wondering.. Are There Metalheads In Scotland(Or Anywhere Else) I Could Get Chatting To?? Well Not Escpecially For Dating But Just To Get To Know People :)
    Oh Yeah! My Favourite Bands:
    Metallica, Iron Maiden, Nightwish, Rammstein, Avenged Sevenfold, Testament, Dio, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath (Mostly Tony Martin's Era), W.A.S.P... Ah Gosh There's So Much... So Yeah If Anyone Wants To Chat, You're Welcome :) 

    ROCK ON \m/

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    Monday, March 8th, 2010
    8:59 pm
    What the hell, right?
    Any lady metalheads in their 20's in the Amarillo TX area? That's who -I'd- like to meet.

    Since this community is mainly about metal, I'll just say that my fandom falls as follows: Alice in Chains, Black Sabbath (esp. the Dio years), Blaze Bayley, Danzig, Bruce Dickinson, Dethklok, Dio, Disturbed, Dream Theater, Heaven and Hell, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Marilyn Manson, Megadeth, Metallica, Motörhead, Queensrÿche and Tool.

    I can supply any other information per request. :)
    Sunday, March 7th, 2010
    2:46 am
    single metalhead girl
     I just found this community randomly so figured I would join since.... i'm single and I like metal (stating obvious...) 

    My dad has always played the guitar, so I grew up around many guitars and metal music. I would sneak my dad's guitar magazines into my room. I was very fascinated by the bands that I read about. My mom had a shit fest when I asked for a Ozzy cd when I was 9. My aunt is the one that truly got me into metal. She was the one that would let me borrow her cd's and take me to concerts. I was 12 when I went to Ozzfest for the first time. 

    I'm a 20 year old female, going to college for commercial art. I live in Kansas City, Missouri ( I'm open to long distance relationships) I do photography as a side project. I do show my work in art galleries. I have blonde hair, blue eyes, septum piercing, 5'0", normal weight. I love going to concerts!!!! I do drink moderately and I don't drink. 

    I'm into guys with long hair, into piercings and tattoo's, has to have a appreciation of arts, I like unique personalities, must be caring, likes to talk, intelligent, good listener, no one over the age of 27 please. 

    some bands I like: mayhem, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, Gorgoroth, Ozzy, Coal Chamber, Otep... to name a few. 

    If interested add my facebook:  or email me 

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    Thursday, December 24th, 2009
    11:38 pm
    Midnight Lovers
    Midnight Lovers

    The cool breeze whipped around her as she sat holding her loved one in the
    cool summer breeze. The flag snapped, just as the kids started to scream
    from the last childish game of the night. When the night comes in, one
    that's longer any else, the couple grinned and turned to each other. Soft
    breathes escaped as one moved to the other, to whisper those soft smooth
    words that can destroy any man. "I love you".

    A grin came across the other's lips and she just had to take them, to taste
    them again. The intoxicating atmosphere made her beauty shine even more.
    The blond hair flickered as the moon shone through the tree tops of the
    country side home. The two sat hand and hand; body leaned on the other,
    watching the kids run across their land. The grass so high it almost
    swallowed the young lings.

    Her hand moved over her lover's cheek, feeling the soft skin below her long
    fingers. She smiled, almost breaking the others heart with love. Green eyes
    shimmered with the moon's rays, when her lover's lips came to her once
    again. Wallowing in her lovers embrace, she allowed the taller woman to
    take over the kiss. Allowing it to take over her as the dark took over day.
    Skin against skin, they moved as one. Lips sucked and tasted the sweet
    flavor of their lover. Sweet whispers echoed lips. The moon shone over
    their bodies when she made love to her only one.

    Her body arched and ached for more of the touch. Smaller yet filled with so
    much love inside her, Maria just needs to touch, to be touched by Her; the
    one person that was her own. Someone that wasn't going to leave or
    disappear on her. She was going to stay with her for the century.

    Carrien smiled knowing she wanted more of her tall glamorous body. "In
    time..." she whispered kissing the fingers of the small Latino "I will be
    there for you... satisfy you... in all the ways you wish for." Maria closed
    her eyes, feeling her black curling hair flow in font of her face.
    Carrien's soft touch moved across her forehead removing the strand that was
    hiding her love. "Carrien please" whispered over the dark girl, almost
    begging for more, for the touch and the feeling of love surrounding, not
    knowing it was already there.

    Carefully the taller one rose. Holding gently on the hands of her abode,
    Maria's eyes opened slowly; allowing the sight of the blonde to come to her
    heart directly. Grinning just as the feet started lift, they walked as
    one. Stepping back and forth till finally she slowly moved forward to hold
    her Maria in her arms. Maria's face held close to the chest, hearing the
    heartbeat of her love. Thump. Thump. The feeling of the girl around her
    body made her shiver. They tightened, feeling the heat of the woman come
    across them.


    The small Latino started to rise, feeling the soft drops on her cheeks.
    Hair crossed over her head, she fantasized. Her love was still there with
    her. The imprint of Her was still on the bed beside her. Slowly she allowed
    her aching body to move to the edge. The sun peeked through the window
    letting her know Carrien was truly gone. Her love was gone forever. A tear
    feel from her tan cheek with her shaking hand slowly wiping the remains

    His hand held her's softly with her feet moving like the aches behind her.
    Slowly she stepped across the same grass where her lover laid; a tear no
    longer leaving her glossing green eyes. Maria smiled seeing the stone from
    the ground. Lifting her head she grinned to the young man helping her to
    her lost lover. He slowly nodded and stepped back. Turning back, Maria
    could smell the same air again. The kids were now grown, and her body
    started to ache. Weakened bones, and softened skin, Maria still felt her
    heart as young as just ninety years ago.

    Slowly her body started to kneel to the damp soil. Shaking as if it was her
    first time, Maria felt the touch of her lover over her body again. She took
    the feeling in and caressing the touch of the warm stone under her fingers.

    Softly breathing Maria couldn't help but let one last tear fall down her
    cheek. "I missed you darling" she whispered and lowered her lips over the
    stone. Leaning back up, she knew he was still behind her. Slowly she
    started to lower again; this time to lie on the grave of her lost love.
    Curling she felt her aching knees hit her chest when her body started to
    shake again.

    "I will be there for you... satisfy you... in all the ways you wish for."
    The voice whispered in her ear as Maria let her eyes close again. One last
    tear flowed down her cheek when she felt the touch of an angel take over
    her disappearing soul. Softly her breathing slowed, and her body ceased
    it's shaking. The touch went greater when Her voice came to her ear one
    final time.

    "I love you"

    more at my lesbian dating blog
    Thursday, April 9th, 2009
    1:24 am
    A metal dating community??  =D

    Yeah, this should be interesting...

    I just joined tonight. Not really sure what to say... I'm 29, I love metal (but listen to a bit of everything), I play guitar, and I'm single...

    I'm not a wannabe rockstar, or a jerk that has to act hard to prove how "metal" he is. If someone's trying that hard to make himself look good, he's a fucking poser. Period.

    There is probably no one in this community anywhere near where I live, lol! Check my profile if you're curious as to where that is...

    Sunday, March 15th, 2009
    3:19 am
    Anvil: the Story of Anvil
    has anyone seen/heard/smelled anything about this anvil movie? just caught the trailer and it looks too good to be true. opens on april 10 so i'm gonna go see it.... who wants to come with me?

    Saturday, January 17th, 2009
    4:56 am


    my name's Joleen,i'm 18..I'm from Ireland but i said fuck it I'll Join.ha
    I like Metallica,Iron Maiden,Slayer,bullet for my valentine,rammstein,
    korn,slipknot.....loads more but ya get my drift.
    if anyone wants to drop me a line my email is

    talkcha biatches.x

    Friday, January 2nd, 2009
    7:41 am
    What are your favorite metal releases of 2008?
    What are your favorite metal releases of 2008?

    Tonight! ShMike's favorite releases of 2008.
    Next Week! Yours!

    The MetalSpace Radio Show on Hard Rock Radio Live
    Playing the Loud and the Underground
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    16k AAC+
    Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008
    3:32 am
    Where Are the Funeral/Doom/Stoner/Drone Females?
    If your idea of a good time is making out in the middle of a pentagram on the floor while listening to Electric Wizard, then I want to hear from you!
    Thursday, October 2nd, 2008
    2:56 pm
    many emotions...venting
    I usually post about my ED but right now I suppose I'm more caught up in the weight of my heart. I met this guy 3 years ago but we began dating around the 4th of July. We started out be really really good friends. I believe we sometimes see someone and want there to be a connection so badly that we sort of make it happen but tell ourselves it was natural. This guy (we'll call him Tom)is a bit older than me and wasn't my ideal kind of guy at first but he became my total buddy. Our relationship was based on trust and respect and on a smaller level still is. Though at the begining I did notice that he only had one friend (besides me)that consisted of 95% of his social life and it had probably been that way for a while. In the back of my mind I kept wondering if the way he at times seemed to be...I guess obsessed it to strong of a word but I would wonder if I was mostly a ticket out of his loneliness but how could I find that out for sure? Anyways about 2 months later he became more comfortable in letting his temper tantrums/way to gain control show. When he would do something I disagreed with and I would say it would try to always get really mad at any tiny thing I disagreed with and try to intimidate me into biting my tongue when I felt he wasn't treating me right or I disagreed. He does this every time we are together. Sometimes he'll drag it out but it seems when he has something to gain than he cuts it short.Though he shows that he has a lot of love for me. I know your probably thinking yeah you just want to believe that but I could tell that he wasn't faking how strongly he felt towards me by the people closest to him. If he really cherishes me why the tantrums that pulls us apart? How can someone do both to someone? Is it b/c he knows I'll keep coming back? Which I think is a strong possibility but if that is the case I still don't get it. I was curious what other people thought about the situation.
    Monday, August 18th, 2008
    6:14 pm

    A metal dating community? would this work? Well if anyone finds me the least bit interesting I am a 19 avid metal fan, mostly into bands like Metallica, Wintersun, Burzum, and so on...and I live in New York. Not very interesting am I. Anyone out there who likes or knows anything about Varg, or Norse mythology, or any such interest of mine? Let me know =) Danke.

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    Saturday, April 26th, 2008
    8:46 pm
    Imagine a concert where Black Sabbath performs with both Dio and Ozzy in the lineup. Imagine Dimebag rising from the grave to perform live with Pantera one more time. Imagine Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Judas Priest, Anthrax playing intermittently with bands such as Children of Bodom, Testament, Dream Theater, GWAR, Lamb of God and many more.

    Sound too good to be true, right?

    Yes you are.

    However RIGHT NOW for one night only, just close your eyes and listen to the live program which will be presented to you by ShMike, Slayrah, and whoever else attends...

    Playing the Live and the Amplified

    RIGHT NOW!!! 8-10pm EST
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    Online at
    8:46 pm
    Imagine a concert where Black Sabbath performs with both Dio and Ozzy in the lineup. Imagine Dimebag rising from the grave to perform live with Pantera one more time. Imagine Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Judas Priest, Anthrax playing intermittently with bands such as Children of Bodom, Testament, Dream Theater, GWAR, Lamb of God and many more.

    Sound too good to be true, right?

    Yes you are.

    However RIGHT NOW for one night only, just close your eyes and listen to the live program which will be presented to you by ShMike, Slayrah, and whoever else attends...

    Playing the Live and the Amplified

    RIGHT NOW!!! 8-10pm EST
    In Central Jersey on 90.3 FM
    Online at
    Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008
    8:31 pm
    Avantasia - 2008 The Scarecrow
    A long-expected new album of Avantasia at last has appeared. It is named "The Scarecrow".

    The next metal opera from very strong musicians...

    Details and download here.
    Tuesday, January 1st, 2008
    4:03 pm
    Your favorite albums of 2007
    Hey guys! Happy 2007! Let's hope there are some kickass albums coming out this year. In the meantime I'm trying to compile a list of the best metal albums in 2007.

    I'd appreciate it if you'd take a moment to send me a list of your favorite albums of 2007.

    I'm going to use the results and present them on this Saturday's show (8-10p EST, If your curious to hear some of my favorite albums, you can download my show from 12/29 which is now available on

    Thanks in advance!


    MetalSpace Radio with ShMike
    Every Saturday 8p-10p Eastern
    Listen Online:
    Request Line: 732-445-9300
    Request AOLIM: CoreRequests
    Monday, November 19th, 2007
    8:54 pm
    Join the Hessian Wiki
    Soon to be better than metal-archives:

    Honest and diligent contributors wanted - either create content and use this as an opportunity to take back Heavy Metal, or get back to your over-glorified message-board self.
    Thursday, September 13th, 2007
    12:48 pm
    Got the Time?
    Hey how's it goin'? I'm Rick, I'm in Dallas tx, living in the orth side of town close to 75 and parklane. I've just recently started my life over for the thousandth time.
    I finally have the time to start dating again, and everytime I meet that girl that's cool as hell she turns out to be lesbian, but what should I expect? 75% of my friends are lesbians.
    Anyway, I've been looking for a girl who loves heavy metal, and a lot of other music but sticks to metal most of the time, I'm looking for the type of girl who likes to talk, will see something in a paper or tv or magazine and grab me by the arm and say 'Check this out, lets go to this/lets do that!'
    A girl who can headbang, wears boots and black, goes to friends houses to get drunk and stoned and maybe pull some pranks on people.
    I'm not a jealous guy, I'm really laid back most of the time but I do like to get out and do something.

    If you are interested let me know, and if you wanna know more just ask or visit me on myspace, their I'm BUZZARDBUTT.

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    Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007
    3:59 pm
    Anyone want an Atheist, guitar-playing, Death-Metal-vocalist, long-haired (as in down to my ass and I'm 5'10"), corpse-paint-wearing, Black-and-Death-Metal-loving, slightly-bitchy chick for a girlfriend? ROFL!!!

    Seriously I'm available...and I live in Oregon, USA! :p

    - Demona \m/

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